Untitled (Necklace)

Vivien Atkinson

23 May - 12 June 2011

Picture frame off-cuts, corners;picture hanging wire, eye-hooks

The choosing and wearing of jewellery is a particularly personal act, perhaps not always recognised for how and what it reveals about the wearer.
Often jewellers talk about their work needing to be worn to complete the piece – this performative aspect provides an intimate link between the hand and idea of the maker and the commitment and attitude of the wearer.
But how to speak of the multiple aspects of personality? The trends and fads that are inflicted by fashion, the un-pc lust after gold and diamonds, a macabre fascination with the avant garde.
The question of whether or not to frame a picture and the reading that particular frames give to a work.
Do the random pieces of frame in this necklace touch on any of these issues?