An Idea

Renee Bevan & Jhana Millers

25 November - 15 December 2013


an idea is an ongoing project and collaboration by Jhana Millers and Renee Bevan. It involves the creation and exhibition of instructional ideas for artworks both online and in the public space. It invites you, the public, to author and activate these ideas and email images or stories of the resulting work.

In the spirit of other do-it-yourself art projects, an idea redirects the premise of art by instruction into the jewellery discourse, while exploring the meaning and value of jewellery in relation to its historical and contemporary function. On the surface jewellery is about adornment and decoration, yet it is also symbolic of identity, status, ritual and tradition. All of which create opportunities for human connections and shared experiences. By inviting the public to activate these instructions an idea hopes to connect, or reconnect, people with the real world and with each other, engendering encounters and heightening awareness around the everyday. 

The presentation of these instructional ideas will be through a range of settings, situations, cities and countries. Documentation of instructions and outcomes will be posted on the website The website also contains more information on the project.

For the three weeks at The See Here we will present one new instruction every week. These three works will all reflect the anonymous nature of The See Here window gallery, suggesting as this space does that connections can be made through direct and indirect connections.