Stella Chrysostomu

14th February — 6th March 2011

Hearing Aid: Sterling Silver
Monkey: Felt, thread

Monocle: Sterling silver
Monkey: Felt, thread

Dummy: Sterling silver
Monkey: Felt, thread


Monkey: Woolen blanket, thread



Thinking about apathy and general ignorance, I have taken the maxim
'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' to explore our society's unwillingness to engage with our political environment.
It is easier to ignore, deny and forget, rather than risk personal harm or hardship. 
Our internal worlds, our personal relationships and identities are also shaped by avoidance and comfort.

Each monkey is paired with a jewellery object
The monkey with his hands clasped over his ears has a non-functional hearing aid.
The monkey who won't speak has a dummy that prevents speech and also acts as a pacifier.
The monkey who keeps his eyes well covered has a monocle with a lens of plaster which blocks sight and hindsight.