Look no hands: A creative retreat

Sarah Read

12 November - 9 December 2012: Artist-in-residence at The See Here, 19 Tory St, Wellington

"The paradox of an artist's life is that in order to prepare for production, the artist must engage with time in a non-instrumental way, while this engagement at all times can represent a fundamental distraction from production."
From How to be an artist by night, Raqs Media Collective, 2009

As the inaugural beneficiary of The See Here's Artist-in-residence scheme, I have opted to use my four weeks as an opportunity to focus on my creative practice. Seeking "the kind of time that can be a vessel and receptacle for learning", I entered into the residency with no expectation of specific outcomes, just a desire to ring-fence some guilt-free time for reflection, for contemplation, for investigations that do not necessarily demand results.

The residency is ongoing until 9 December; for updates and more images, see sarahread.com