Tender/Tinder - Lisa Martin

31 July - 27 August  2018


The sexual emancipation of women seems arranged around the penis.

We do not seem to have come far from the 1960’s when Hugh Hefner, a vocal supporter of women’s liberation, used birth control and the right to choose to advance his own agenda; a convenient way to arrange women around his and other men’s penises.

Hook-up culture suggests that women are free to experiment with anything that they want, However, the reality is that women seem less able or comfortable to say what they want. Is saying asking? Is that needy? Emotional even. Is this true?

It seems to me that if women are arranged around men’s penises, men are too. Masculinity is a treacherous place for men to negotiate. This is an issue that surely affects all genders and folk.

When will this view break?