Series 2: Various meditations on a woman's lot

Kelly McDonald

9 April - 6 May 2018

Kelly McDonald TSH 1 comp.jpg

In this wall work, McDonald recognises and responds to daily life, the sense of place and location of home, the history of these spaces and the subtle (and sometimes heavy) burden they place on women.

The named individual pieces reveal an irony derived from materials traditionally taken from a masculine and modernist trope, but handled with a jeweller’s sensitivity when brought into direct relation to the body.

For Long Service & Efficient Conduct (Service medal), 2018
Lead, coat-hanger

Access. 2018
Mild steel, tool, nail, door bolt, found object, tool

Giddy up, 2018
Mild steel, brass, leather belt section from hack horse harness

Pearly Gates, 2018
Freshwater pearls, silk, mild steel lock plate with brass details

Brass Balls, 2018
Mild steel number 8 wire, brass bed knobs.