How to Make a Necklace from a Chair

Sarah Read

20 November - 16 December 2017

The transformative power of the repeated task

Studies show that when we repeatedly perform a productive task we enter a kind of waking dream-state which boosts creativity. When our hands are engaged, our brains can unclamp; our thinking becomes more fluid and ideas that are buried in our unconscious mind can bubble up in new and useful combinations (1).

Studies also show that repeating familiar activities relieves anxiety and blocks out unwanted sensory stimulation (2). 

In our fractured lives today there are few opportunities to enter this unplugged, non-thinking mode. So, finding myself in a time of uncertainty which requires:

  • creative problem-solving and
  • a socially-acceptable form of self-soothing,

I count myself lucky to have something solid to fall back on. Once again, contemporary jewellery saves the day. 

1. The Neuroscience of Imagination, Christopher Bergland (2012)
2. Soothing a Child on the Autism Spectrum, Dr Eric Lund (2015)

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Sincere thanks to Kristine Garay and the staff of The French Art Shop.

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