Handshake: Prentice & Prodigy — A Wellington Sample

Jhana Millers | Sam Kelly | Neke Moa | Becky Bliss | Sarah Read

19 August - 15 September 2013



The Handshake: Prentice & Prodigy mentoring Project has recently come to an end, but for all those who didn't make it to the final show at Objectspace in June we are showing a sample of work from the five Wellington shakers at The See Here over a 4 week period from 19 August 2013. Some of the works are from the Objectspace show in Auckland in June, while others are from earlier on in the project. Exhibitions will be rotating every 6 days in the order above. For more information on the Handshake project please visit handshakejewellery.com.

Swansong (2013)

Sarah Read | Iris Eichenberg

Monday 16 - Sunday 22 September 2013


1 May 2013, email, Iris to Sarah: 
Dear, I am working on a parcel for you; birds golden and dead. 
I will send you some work, and you can alter it, turn it, break it, add to it, however you want. I mean it. This is the last step and I trust you to do something with me. Similar pieces will be in other shows and the value of the work is about 8,000 dollars. I want you to treat it as material and [with] no respect to market value.
It's yours, do something with it … xxxi


20 May 2013, email exchange: 
Sarah to Iris: Parcel has arrived x Speechless x
Iris to Sarah: good, beat them up, xxxi


16 June: email, Sarah to Iris: 
It's done! I gave your birds their hearts' desire: one final flight. 
They reached the edge of space. 
xxxx s


Above: Birds golden and dead: neckpieces by Iris Eichenberg, 2013, copper, 24 carat gold, ribbon


Below: Letting go: performance by Sarah Read, 6 June 2013, featuring:

- bird neckpieces from Iris
- silk packaging, brass label
- meteorological balloon, hydrogen

Launch: Janie Walker 
Back wall: Birds’ eye view (NZ from the edge of space, taken via meteorological balloon): Josh and Zac Lyon

Becky Bliss | Fabrizio Tridenti

Saturday 7 - Saturday 14 September 2013


Rubber, plumbing parts, electrical parts, computer parts, copper, digital print.

"Communicating across language barriers becomes a visual experience” Becky Bliss takes up the challenge from Fabrizio Tridenti to respond to his Hardware works he made for his visit to New Zealand in 2012. She has used similar ready-made objects put together with her own aesthetic.

Kaore te Kumara e korero mo tona reka!
The Kumara doesn't speak about how sweet it is!

Neke Moa

Saturday 31 August - Saturday 7 September 2013

Taonga o te Whenua - gifts of the land


Astro and Rena

No Drilling in Aotearoa

Nga Kakano o Rongo - The seeds of Rongo

Pounamu, silver, pigment, cord, bone.

Our LAND Our Assets in Our Hands!


Sam Kelly; significant works from 2011-2013 by Octavia Cook

Octavia Cook; significant works from 2011-2013 by Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly | Octavia Cook


Saturday 24 - Thursday 29 August 2013

Emails on paper

As Handshake comes to a close, 2 years of mentoring will continue to provide inspiration and knowledge for a lifetime of making. Both Mentor and Mentee have gained kinship, overcome hurdles of life and work together and swapped tips and tricks. It was felt that our biggest collaboration of all was the information shared over this time through emails and skype chats. In homage to this and in appreciation of the work conceived during this relationship, it seemed fitting to work with this resource of exchange - our personal emails.

Display (2013)

Jhana Millers | Suska Mackert

Monday 19 - Saturday 24 August 2013

Digital images, Sandwich Board (23ct gold leaf, plywood, fabric).

The focus of Suska Mackert's work is on various considerations and investigations concerning jewellery. Her work is concerned, for the most part, with the artistic transposition and application of these thoughts and reflections. Jhana Millers practice explores the place of art and jewellery in a world dominated by money, as well as questioning the way we operate within the difficult framework of a market-driven public discourse. Display is their first collaborative project combining these ideas and approaches within the context of the Handshake project and their recent exhibition at Objectspace, Auckland in June 2013.