Bludgers and freeloaders


Monday 7th February - Sunday 13th February 2011


Bludge: To live off or profit by the work of others
Freeload: To exploit somebody else's generosity or hospitality

Andy has left the building (The King is dead, long live the King): Memorial cuff for covert ops
Organza, thread, Andy Warhol Signature ring (sterling silver, rubber, stretched US coin, inkpad. From the Reproduction Guild Installation, 2002, on loan from Peter Deckers).


Jesus Sandals
Jandals, Walking Wounded brooch (Sterling silver, copper, garnets, rimu, leather, 2010, on loan from Tara Brady).

Paper, glue, thread, Locket 'Dear...'(Passport pages, glue, sterling silver, 2010, on loan from Jhana Millers)

Invite (by permission, Lisa Walker)



This show was conceived as a gentle return to making after months of resting my injured hands.


1. Scrounge work from jeweller mates at The See Here
2.Pause to relish the hoard. Here is work embodying years of development, exuding originality, singularity, beauty, humour, thoughtfulness and tight workmanship
3. Doodle through the summer, making, making, using only soft materials
4. Use scrounged work (step 1) as the hardware to fix doodles (step 3) to the body

Thanks, jeweller mates, for your generosity; for loaning your work, for the excellent role-modelling and for your encouragement over the past year.
These pieces are for you: my way of restocking the fridge




Sarah Read February 2011

Thanks to: Hilda Gascard, Jhana Millers, Kelly McDonald, Nadine Smith, Peter Deckers, Sunni Gibson, Tara Brady. Also Lisa Walker, for letting me hitch a ride on her exhibition invite.