The See Here Christmas Show

9 December 2012 - 5 January 2013


We celebrated our first Christmas in our new location by having a show that tested some of the ideas around the giving and making of gifts. The ‘Secret Santa’ concept seems to have become an accepted ‘new’ tradition, prevalent in offices across New Zealand (presumably having been adopted from elsewhere). For the office workers it is usually more about cheap and cheerful. There is a different sense of responsibility and sensitivity for makers when making work in this gifting situation. However TheSeeHere’s idea to present the gifts in Christmas Stockings saw the responses produce an hilarious variety. Although it had been suggested the gifts remain in the stockings, unopened until the show comes down, the eagerness to see the pieces was overwhelming. A joyous afternoon was spent in gifting and opening and then the empty stockings were installed on the image of the fireplace, complete with roaring fire. We continue to celebrate this season with the cliché scenes from the Northern winter, snow, candles glowing in the dark and the warmth and comfort of food and fire. Though the imagery might be out of place, the sentiment of wishing love and peace is real and universal – it is our wish to you…. TheSeeHere